Yackle Ball Navy & White by Ttalf

Yackle Ball Navy & White by Ttalf
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Yackle Ball is a new sports ball that great for everyone regardless your athletic ability and it actually goes farther than a football because of its phenomenal aerodynamics.

Yackle Ball starts about 5-6 years old for boys and 7-8 for girls. Currently, there are multiple games for playing alone, with friends, right up to a full team sport that is being introduced into schools and even the colleges are playing. The ball and games combined create a wonderful energetic outdoor activity the whole family can play. So whether your family is large or small, everyone can get in on the action.

One of Yackle Ball's best attributes is how easy the ball is to catch, even for the littlest of hands or the clumsiness of people. Its soft construction reduces the fear of being hit with the ball and the X-shape makes the ball spin when thrown. The impressive aerodynamics and momentum created by its spinning effect makes it travel farther than a football without needing superman strength. Yackle Ball is constructed of premium quality water-resistant marine vinyl so they’re awesome at the beach. It is safe and durable; allowing for years of excitement and fun.