39 objects for children to stow in their musical treasure box

by Marke Levene

39 objects for children to stow in their musical treasure box

Tiny humans enjoy making and collecting tiny things.  Today we're sharing some ideas of crafts to make, and treasures to hunt, and gifts to give when the time comes.

Small fingers love small items, to sort, to collect, to hide away, to find again.  Our musical treasure and jewelry boxes are the ideal vehicle for such miniature activities. 

The boxes feature small drawers that disappear into the box when closed.  They're built with tiny treasures in mind. 
So, let's dive in to all the little objects that little ones might like to put in their music box drawers.  

  1. Wooden beads
  2. Hair bands, especially sparkly ones
  3. Small felt flowers (Lia Griffith)
  4. Bangles
  5. Sea glass, textured and magical
  6. Bells
  7. Tiny dried rosebuds
  8. Decorative pins
  9. Small whistles (terrible idea, I know, but they're small and shiny!)
  10. Passport photos of loved ones
  11. Marbles
  12. Small felt creatures (Fairy Shadow on Etsy)
  13. Shells
  14. Bracelets with charms on
  15. Little origami birds (Origami Way)
  16. Small pine cones, dried, possibly sprayed a little
  17. Rings, please
  18. Collecting cards, especially to stash in our larger Discover Your World Horse or Summer Music Boxes
  19. Small balls of embroidery thread, for friendship bracelets, and such
  20. Butterscotch candies
  21. A pendant from Grandma
  22. Matchbox cars
  23. Amber teething necklace, so solid and soft
  24. Painted river stones (Felt Magnet)
  25. Nuts-in-their-shells, a.k.a in the raw
  26. Special necklaces
  27. Semi-precious stones, amethyst, rose quarts, or tiger’s eye
  28. Small pine cones, which you could spray paint pretty colors
  29. Little wooden persons (Joguines Grapat on Instagram)
  30. Friendship bracelets
  31. Seeds, like colorful dried beans
  32. Favorite colored pencils, especially stubby ones
  33. Tiny felted fairy babies (Magic Onions)
  34. Buttons
  35. Little pretty bows
  36. The good eraser
  37. Small notes from mom

We thought we'd stop at 39.  To go up to 40 felt like just too many tiny things to step on in the night when not properly stashed before bedtime.  

Here's a handy PDF version of this list for you to take with you today.

What do the little ones in your life stash away in small places?  We'd love to know!  

Marke Levene
Marke Levene


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