Fun Fall Leaf Crafts for Kids

by Marke Levene

Fun Fall Leaf Crafts for Kids

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As the weather gets chillier here in NY state, I'm nestling into Fall Mode with great relish.  There was some chicken roasting (we used the oven!!) and I've been eyeing up pumpkins at the grocery store autumn display.  I'm even starting to plan ahead to the busy winter holiday season, dreaming up delicious pumpkin and cranberry dishes, because I tend to over-plan like that. 

The leaves are starting to turn, with those glorious yellows and oranges ramping up.  With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the best leaf crafts we've come across lately.  We spend a bunch of time on Pinterest collecting and curating great ideas and inspiration for parents, grandparents, aunts and god parents.  And I realized that it would be fun to share some here too!  

I love leaf crafts for kids because it's such a natural extension of taking walks out in the crisp fall weather, collecting all the bright shapes and colors.  The crafts harness that joy of being outdoors and make great rainy weather activities. 

Leaf Bows Clips

These charming leaf bows from Penny over at Mother Natured are a quick and delightful project for a rainy day. 

leaf bow tutorial from mother natured

Autumn Leaves Bunting

This glorious autumn leaves bunting tutorial from Jean over at The Artful Parent is so full of joy and so pretty.  It's such a flexible project and you could go in all sorts of directions with it. 

autumn leaf bunting tutorial for kids fall activities 

Leaf Lanterns

These sweet leaf lanterns are from Susan of River Bliss.  They're long enough so a little tea light can go in the bottom and the kiddos can carry them on a twilight walk or take them to friends.  

leaf lanterns from river bliss


Autum Leaf Mobile

Next up we have, 3 great ways to preserve the wonder of autumn leaves from Chelsea at Buggy and Buddy.   This is a beautiful way to preserve the glorious colors of autumn and beautify your home.  
3 great ways to preserve the beauty of fall leaves | image of fall leaf mobile

Leaf Luminaries

These DIY Leaf Luminaries from Emma at Kids Craft Room are such a fun project to do with the kids.  You can keep them around to light up the house until the Christmas season lights are up.  

DIY Leaf Luminaries from kids craft room

Autumn Leaf Crown

This one is a pretty autumn crown tutuorial from Kate at Picklebums (Side note for US readers: in UK English a bum is a tush / tushie / bottom ).  Watching this kiddo do his thing makes me want to make one too!

autumn crown from pickle bums


Wax Paper Leaf Lanterns

Here comes another lanterny one!  This time from Better Homes and Gardens, their wax paper leaf lanterns.  BONUS: it uses washi tape, one of my all time favorite things in the world.  

wax paper fall leaf lanterns from better homes and gardens


Leaf Doodles and Mandalas

We'll finish up today with Jean at The Artful Parent again: Leaf Doodles and Mandalas.  This is such a sweet way of using the color of autumn leaves, as your custom drawing canvas.  This one would be great with older children, around a table with hot chocolate and some friends.

leaf doodles and mandalas

What leaf crafts have you been getting up to lately with the littles in your life?

Marke Levene
Marke Levene


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