Six Reasons to Love the 'Four Gifts Rule'

by Marke Levene

Six Reasons to Love the 'Four Gifts Rule'

Do you know those holiday gifts that kids don’t connect with, that sit on the shelf gathering dust until they go off to Goodwill? Maybe far off relatives or friends sent them, and they’re just not the right fit.

We’re recently discovered a wonderful way to avoid this, and to help children learn gratitude in the process!

Enter the Four Gifts Rule

How does it work? And Why is it so great?

The Four Gifts Rule starts with making four lists of different categories of holiday gifts.

Then you choose just one gift from each category for any given year.

For younger children, you’ll be making the lists yourself.

But once a child is a bit older, you can do the exercise together. You’ll both have fun choosing things that will brighten their lives, fit your budget, and be cherished. 

Printable Holiday Gift Planner Bundle from Enchantmints

You can use the included sheet in our downloadable Holiday Gift Planner Bundle to create your Four Gifts Rule for this year! 

Print off a sheet for each of the children (and adults!) you are giving gifts to this year.   Sign up to receive the Gift Planner Bundle right in your inbox!

The four lists are:

  • Something You Want
  • Something You Need
  • Something to Wear
  • and Something To Read

It’s fairly self-explanatory. But the results are so special!

Benefits of the Four Gifts Rule

One - Kids will avoid holiday gift overwhelm by receiving far fewer gifts.

Two - Teach children gratitude. The Four Gifts Rule process will help kids be more conscious of 'things' in their life, and to cherish what they have.

Three -There will be less browsing, impulse buys, and random shopping. And you'll feel calmer for it.

four gifts rule for holiday gift giving and stress free christmasFour -Your budget will thank you. It's so easy to spend way too much on all the holiday meals, trimmings, and gifts.

Five - It'll save you time. You can browse gift guides with clarity and focus. Your google and Pinterest searching will be quick and to the point.

Six - It's not only for kids!! Make one up for yourself and spread the contents around to those you know will be planning a holiday gift for you.

A Fun extra for you today!

Holiday Giving that's Easy as Pie!

Our Holiday Gift Planner Bundle has 8 beautiful printable planning sheets, including a sheet for the Four Gifts Rule!

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What could the Four Gifts Rule look like for a holiday kid this year?

Want: An Enchantmints Music Box 

Need: Colored pencils to use for schoolwork

Wear: A bright new winter coat big enough for the next couple years

Read: A book they read over and over during trips to the library, and it's time to have a copy at home

red glass balls on christmas tree | four gifts rule for holiday gift giving

What can go wrong with the Four Gifts Rule?

Piles of gifts from extended family, colleagues, and friends may still roll in. Our top tip is to appreciate your loved ones warmly, and ask for gift cards!

Or, simply share some of the 'want,' 'need,' and 'read' Four Gifts Rule items with them.

PS.  Don't forget to try the Holiday Gift Planner Bundle, that includes the Four Gifts Rule sheet to get you started.

We'd love to hear from you!  How do you keep the holiday gift giving manageable and full of integrity?

Marke Levene
Marke Levene


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