Unusual DIY Jewelry for Kids

by Marke Levene

close up of a colorful DIY tassel necklace on a girl

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One of the best things about giving an Enchantmints Two Times Tutu Ballerina music box to a kiddo, is all of the beautiful little things they can stash in the secret drawers and upper compartment.  

And what better companion gift for a music box than handmade jewelry <3

Making jewelry - especially from unusual materials - is such fun and a great craft to get your kids involved with.  Once made, these DIY projects make really special gifts, for girls in particular.  

Several of them can be a project to use up scraps - of embroidery thread, felts, or even old paintings.  

And even better, you can pair them with a music box as the perfect birthday or holiday gift 🎁

Let's dive in!


DIY Felt Scrap Bracelets for Children

diy tutorial for felt scrap bracelets | diy holiday gifts for girls

 Photo from original poster Bugs and Fishes

These DIY felt scrap bracelets are so colorful and fun.  It's a kid-friendly project that's a great way to use up scrap felt you might have hanging around.  They also make really sweet gifts for little ones who aren't ready for something that is made from beads or breakable. 

Fun idea: Use this as a first sewing project for your little child.  Introduce them to being careful around needles, patience, how to stitch evenly, and how to tie it off properly, so the stitches don't come out.  

See all the details for making felt scrap bracelets over at Bugs and Fishes.


DIY Folded Paper Bracelets from Paintings for Kids

diy tutorial for folded paper bracelets for girls | diy holiday gifts for girls

Photo from the original poster Picklebums

This is a darling project and Kate shows you every step needed to turn paintings into DIY bracelets.  They make a really colorful finished piece.  As a sweet everyday gift for a favorite girl, you could use beautiful japanese paper or gold and silver colors. 

Fun idea:  Starting with some craft paper, make a couple of these in the colors of the music box you give your girl.  It'll be a fun pre-gift to the big one! 

Read all about how to make folded paper bracelets over at Picklebums.


DIY Knotty Friendship Bracelet for Children


diy tutorial for diy thread bracelets for girls | diy holiday gifts for girls

photo by original poster The Red Kitchen 

Friendship bracelets are old school - I made them in the 80s - and still wonderful!  Katie takes beginners through all the steps with great pictures showing you how to knot up a beautiful friendship bracelet with and for the little girls in your life. 

If you use some sparkly thread and make a stacking set of 4 or 5, these are such special gifts for girls also. 

Fun idea: introduce your kiddo to always having a friendship bracelet project with them in their pocket or bag.  Knotting a few rounds on the bracelet is a great 'waiting activity' when they are waiting at a doctor's office with you, in the car on a longer trip, or just needing some quiet time.  

Here are all the details for making a knotted friendship bracelet over at The Red Kitchen

DIY Tube Bead Necklace for Girls

diy tutorial for homemade bead pendant for girls | diy holiday gifts for girls

photo by original poster The Lovely Drawer

This project was actually created for grown ups, but could easily be done by a 10 or 10 year old child, with supervision.  It's exciting because you bake Fimo in the oven to make the beads!  And there are so many ways you could customize it.  

Fun idea:  make a Mommy and Me version, or a Grandma and Granddaughter matching set, and hide them inside the girl's music box for an extra surprise in her gift. ❤️

Here are all the details for making a DIY tube bead necklace over at The Lovely Drawer.


DIY Felt Ball Necklace for Kids

diy tutorial for felted ball necklaces for girls | diy holiday gifts for girls

photo by original poster Lia Griffith

Do you already know all of the amazing paper and DIY projects over at Lia Griffith?  She creates the most beautiful and fun projects, both for adults and children alike.  

This DIY felt ball necklace is a great project for older girls to make for younger sisters.  The felt is such a welcoming soft medium and the bright colors work well with little dresses.  

Fun idea: learn to make the felt balls with your older girls, then make the necklace after.  Felting is so satisfying, and a little like magic!  

Here are all the details for making a DIY felt ball necklace over at Lia Griffith.


 DIY Jeweled Macrame Bracelet for Children

diy tutorial for macrame bead bracelets for girls | diy holiday gifts for girls

photo by original poster Happy Girly Crafty

This DIY Macrame bracelet is such a fun project!  It's another one that works both for adults and kiddos.  She gives great step by step instructions with photos along the way.  And there are so many wonderful bead out there to include in the project.  

This is another project that would make a fantastic surprise girl's gift inside a music box

Fun idea:  throw a macrame party for your girl and her friends.  Get some pretty thread and string, some beautiful beads, and print out the tutorial for them.  They could make extra and donate them to a local shelter the houses women and children, to brighten those less fortunate girls' days.  

Here are all the details for making a DIY Jeweled Macrame Bracelet at Happy Girly Crafty.


 DIY Tassel Collar Necklace for Girls

diy tutorial for tassel ring necklace for girls | diy holiday gifts for girls

Photo by original poster Michaels

This DIY Tassel Collar necklace is so simple and gorgeous. And you can customize it is so many ways!  Imagine it with longer tassels, or sparkly tassels.  And there's so much you can do with color in this one.  I like the idea of using lava or amber beads instead of wooden ones too. 

There aren't step by step pictures for this, but it's fairly straight forward and easy to follow nonetheless.  This is a perfect project for a girls sleepover, or rainy afternoon.  They can finish it in a couple hours and pick out the colors they love best.

Fun idea: make seasonal ones, with different colors for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Christmas, and Winter

Here are all the details for making a DIY Tassel Collar Necklace at Michaels.


 DIY Beaded Stretch Bracelets for Kids

diy tutorial for beaded kids stacking bracelets | diy holiday gifts for girls

Photo by original poster The DIY Dreamer

These DIY Beaded Stretch Bracelets are so sweet and great for babies and preschoolers.  And the tutorial is full of helpful pictures and has a supply list. 

What is it that is so pleasing about stone and gem beads?  They are so soothing and reassuring to handle and touch.  

Like all of the DIY tutorials we're listing her today, this is completely customizable.  You could use any kind of bead, make stacking sets, create rainbow bracelets, solid color bracelets, or pretty multi-colored ones like you see in the this picture. 

Fun idea:  have your older kids make these as a holiday project to give to younger friends and siblings.  And of course, these are super sweet secret give inside a music box.

Here are all the details for making a DIY Beaded Stretch Bracelet at The DIY Dreamer.


Well, that's our round up today!  Have you made jewelry for kiddos before?  Any tips or ideas that have worked really well?

Marke Levene
Marke Levene


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