Ballet Musical Treasure Boxes

Ballerina Music Boxes For Sale by Enchantmints

Ballerina Music Boxes are the perfect gift for any little ballet lover. Each windup music box features one of 6 different dancing ballerina settings created by Enchantmints. 

These dancing ballerina music boxes were made to inspire and delight young ballet lovers. From our Ballet School Music Box to the Two Times Tutu Treasure box for dog lovers, we know you’ll find the perfect musical treasure box for any ballerina in your life. 

ballet and ballerina musical treasure boxes for sale from Enchantmints

Each Enchantmints Music Box features a spinning ballerina figurine inside along with a charming tune for her to dance to. The beautiful design and handy storage space make it a fun and useful solution for storing jewelry and other treasures. 

Little ones will love opening their wooden ballerina music box every time. There’s just something magical about having your own musical ballerina treasure box. The music, the spinning ballerina inside, and all the meaningful treasures that are tucked inside. 

Every Enchantmints Ballerina Treasure Box Includes:

  • a hinged top with interior mirror
  • inside compartments and drawers
  • twirling ballerina figurine
  • and a musical movement that plays the "Swan Lake" tune 

Dancing Ballerina Music Boxes From Enchantmints

Shop our selection of dancing ballerina music boxes above. We’ve created 6 unique ballerina themed music boxes.  Some a more classical gift and some more for the whimsical.

These iconic scenes feature settings close to any ballerinas heart. From Ballet School to Ballet Shoes, these musical treasure boxes depict experiences every ballerina can relate to. 

If you’re looking for something less traditional and more imaginative, we’ve got several more fairytale feeling music boxes.  

Ballerina Music Box for Sale from EnchantmintsBallerina Musical Treasure Box

Our Ballerina Music Box is the flagship Enchantmints Ballet Treasure Box.  This one is especially fun as it has 4 secret drawers for tiny treasure stashing. It’s the perfect combination of ballet and treasure box or ballerina music jewelry box.  Kiddos love the ballerina artwork, the "Swan Lake" melody, and the twirling ballerina figurine.

Video: Ballerina Music Box from Enchantmints



Ballet Jewelry Box Ballet Jewelry Box for Sale from Enchantmints

We’ve captured the heart and soul of ballet class within this special Ballerina Musical Treasure Box.  It is a large children's music box, featuring sweet dancers are going through their exercises.  And there are beautiful flowers on top, for some imaginative flair.  And, this particular ballet-themed music box has 4 secret corner drawers, for an extra special spin on the music box.  

Video: Ballet School Music Box from Enchantmints


Ballet Shoes Music Box Ballet Shoes Treasure Box for Sale from Enchantmints

With an elegant ballet studio design, this ballerina themed treasure box is ideal for extra storage.  This ballet music box features a deep inside container and a pull-out tray, with a pretty ballet-themed watercolor design

Video: Ballet Shoes Musical Treasure Box from Enchantmints


Two Times Tutu Music Box Two Times Tutu Treasure Music Box for Sale from Enchantmints

For any dog loving ballerina, you have to consider the Two Times Tutu Music Box. This fun Ballet-themed Musical Treasure box features a ballet dancer in a tutu dancing with some adorable pups. The top of the music box shows our little ballerina dancing with a cute dog in a tutu.


Small Ballerina Music Box Small Ballerina-themed Treasure Music Box for Sale from Enchantmints

Small packages can hold great treasure, which is true of our little Ballerina Music Box.  This little musical treasure box is great for small keepsake storage, and will charm your child with its pretty melody and turning ballerina figurine.  


Ballet Heart-Shaped Music Box Ballet Heart Music Box for Sale from Enchantmints

This sweet little music box features a simple design.  A ballet dancer holds a posey with a smile on her face, as Swan Lake plays and the ballerina figurine twirls.