Fairytale Musical Treasure Boxes

Fairytale Music Box Collection From Enchantmints

Our Fairytale Music Box Collection features 5 uniquely designed, handmade music boxes for jewelry and other treasures. Each one of the Fairy Musical Treasure Boxes centers around a dancing fairy and fairy with animal friends themed outer design.

Our Fairytale Themed Musical Treasure Boxes feature classic melodies we’ve always felt had a certain fairy feeling to them. Each wind up music box features one of our favorites, like: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Beautiful Dreamer, and Waltz of the Flowers, for example.

Each Fairy musical jewelry box centers around a dancing figurine, classic song, and lovely watercolor inspired artwork for every box. Read more below (or within each product description) for specifics about the melodies, and features of each fairy themed treasure box

And like all of our unique children's treasure boxes, each one includes:

  • Pretty watercolor artwork
  • A hinged top
  • A glass mirror for extra fun
  • Treasure-tucking spaces

Fairytale Music Boxes with Twirling Figurine for Sale 

Sweet Fairy Wrens Music Box plays “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”

The Sweet Fairy Wrens Treasure Box - aka our Sugar Plum Fairy Music Box - is one of our classic fairy princess musical jewelry boxes. See more below...

Wings Of a Song Fairy Music Box features “Waltz of The Flowers” melody

This musical jewelry box was designed with extra storage. Your kids will love tucking away their tiny treasures in the four secret corner drawers

Wind it up and watch the tiny dancing fairy spin and twirl to the melody of Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers”.

Just In Case Musical Jewelry Box

Another great option for a musical jewelry and treasure box is the “Just in Case Music Box” from Enchantmint.com. This music box also features four secret Drawers for jewelry and treasures.

We chose the melody “Beautiful Dreamer” as a fitting song for the fairytale musical treasure box. While the dancing fairy figurine twirls and spins your little one can enjoy the beautiful artwork. 

Owl Travellers Musical Treasure Box

This unique fairy musical treasure box depicts a sleeping fairy princess, cozied up with an owl friend. Owls have always been a somewhat magical and majestic creature, and they just feel like a great fit for our fairytale themed music box collection

The Dancing Fairy Figurine twirls and spins to the melody Mozart’s classic “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”.

Fairy Horse Musical Jewelry Box

Enchantmints fairy horse musical jewelry box was made for all our horse loving fairy princesses out there. We love this box as it combines two of our favorite categories.

It features a dancing horse and plays “Invitation to the Dance” after you wind it up. The setting for this musical jewelry box was inspired by the melody it plays. We thought “Invitation to the Dance” was a great pairing for the interaction between our fairy and horse characters. 

Musical Jewelry Boxes With Storage Drawers

Give your child are a special place to store their jewelry and small treasures. These Fairy musical jewelry boxes all feature multiple storage drawers. Each time they’re opened they’ll spark some joy in the process. We still can’t help but smile everytime we open any of the Enchantmints Music Boxes, we think you will too.

Where Fairy Lovers Store Their Treasures and Jewelry

These musical treasure boxes are a natural storage place for jewelry and other small beloved keepsakes for your kids.  Treasures close to your heart need a storage space worthy of their specialness. Any old jewelry box just won't do. 

That’s why our Fairy Musical Treasure Boxes are the best gift for any fairy loving child. Time and time again they will appreciate the colorful artwork and lovely melodies. Knowing their “treasures” are safe and sound, your child will love our Musical Treasure Boxes from Enchantmints.

*All fairy themed music boxes feature 4 storage drawers except Owl Travellers which has 3.