Horse Music Box Collection

Enchantmints Horse Musical Treasure Boxes

At Enchantmints, we love finding ways to make our customers smile. We made this collection of musical treasure boxes specifically for our horse and unicorn loving fans out there. 

Like all Enchantmints collections, the horse themed music box collection features unique designs, classic melodies, and great gifts for children. Below you'll find musical treasure boxes made for both traditional horse lovers and others for customers seeking more mythical settings.

If you’re looking for musical horse themed jewelry box, these are the ones for you.  There are 7 unique horse music boxes for sale, each with its own delightful melody.

They’re a great way to store jewelry and/or provide a special hideaway for any small keepsakes. Read more about each equestrian musical treasure below or within the individual product pages.

horse and unicorn and farm music boxes | The equine treasure box collection from Enchantmints

Every Enchantmints Horse Treasure Box Includes:

  • a hinged top with interior mirror
  • inside compartment
  • twirling horse figurine
  • and a lovely melody unique to each box 

Wind it up to hear the beautiful melody play when opening the hinged top. These are a truly a special place to store jewelry and other treasure. Your child’s  earrings, bracelets, charms and other treasures will all be safe and comfortable inside any of our musical treasure boxes. 

Horse Themed Musical Treasure Boxes For Sale

These wind up musical treasure boxes are dedicated to all our horse lovers out there. Each wooden treasure box features serene settings any horse lover can enjoy. You’re going to love our Horse Music Jewelry Box collection.

Not only are the designs unique, but each musical treasure box features a melody to match the beauty of the artwork. Just like any classic wooden musical treasure box, just wind it up, open the box and watch the tiny horse figurine dance and twirl to the music inside.

Horse Ranch Music Box

The “Horse Ranch Music Box” is a fan favorite among the Enchantmint Horse Music Box collection. It features a peaceful setting centered on a family of 3 horses living life on a farm. 

When you open the box, you’ll be greeted by the classic tune “My Old Kentucky Home” while the stallion figurine spins in front of the mirror in the background. See video below for more...

Video: Horse Ranch Musical Treasure Box from Enchantmints

Love of Horses Musical Treasure box Love of Horses Music Box for sale by Enchantmints

The Heart Shaped “Love of Horses” Musical Treasure Box is a unique and fun option for anyone looking for something different. It features a small circular mirror behind the spinning horse to highlight the trotting horse figuring as it dances to the music.

When combined with the melody to “Home on the Range,” you'll see why this classic horse themed music box is such a hit with our customers.

Hideaway Musical Treasure Box for Jewelry

The “Hideaway Treasure Box” is the perfect option for someone looking for a musical jewelry box with horses. Open top compartment and music box plays "My Old Kentucky Home".

Video: Hideaway Horse Musical Jewelry Box from Enchantmints

Mythical Horse Themed Music Jewelry Boxes

For those looking for a more mystical and dreamy settings, take a look at our favorites below. You’ll be swept away by Unicorns in a fantastical forest, fly high with Pegasus the mythical flying horse, and enchanted by our Horse Fairy Themed music box.

Unicorn Music Box by EnchantmintsUnicorn Music Box for Sale by Enchantmints

One of the most popular and unique Enchantmints treasure boxes is our “Unicorn Music Box”. With just the right amount of…

Our Unicorn Treasure Box is a best seller and ready to delight any of our Unicorn lovers out there.  Plays melody “The Unicorn” once wound up and opened.

Video: Unicorn Treasure Box by Enchantmints

Horse Fairy Musical Jewelry Box

This treasure box is a blend of two of our favorite themes: fairies and horses. It’s the perfect birthday or holiday gift for a little horse and fairy lover!  

Plays “Invitation to the Dance” as the beautiful white horse figurine wanders across a little fairy friend out in the forest. 

Discover Your World Treasure BoxWhite Horse Music Box for girls for Sale by Enchantmints

The Enchantmints “Discover Your World” treasure box features a dream like setting of a girl and her horse exploring by the light of the moon. Let the dreamy sounds whisk you off into dreamland while the music box plays Claire De Lune” by Debussy.

This beautiful wooden wind up music box is a great example of the wonderment and inspiration behind all of the gifts for children created by Enchantmints.

Video: Discover Your World Horse Music Box on YouTube

Pegasus Music Box

This design features one of the most famous mythical horses of all, Pegasus. The winged divine horse from Greek Mythology is shown in all his glory before a rainbow, ready for flight.

Spark imagination and instill a sense of wonderment with the Enchantmints Pegasus Music Box

Video: Pegasus Music Box on YouTube

Where to Buy Horse Music Boxes?

If you’re wondering where to buy horse themed music boxes, we hope you’ll shop with us. Enchantmints’ mission is to create inspiring designs that match beautiful artwork with beautiful music children and their parents can enjoy again and again.

We created these 7 different horse themed musical treasure boxes just for our horse lovers out there. Designed to be cherished for years to come, Enchantmints horse musical treasure boxes are the perfect special place for jewelry and other small treasures.