Mythical Creatures Musical Treasure Boxes

Mythical Creatures Music Box Collection from Enchantmints

Our Mythical Creatures collection of musical treasure boxes features 2 best sellers: The Unicorn Music Box and the Dragon Music Box. Each unique treasure box in this collection features a fantastical setting including a mythical creature from popular fairy tales and legends. 

Dragons, Unicorns, and Pegasus | The Mythical Collection from Enchantmints

We love a good story around here, and we wanted to make music boxes to honor some more mythical legends and characters like the pegasus, unicorn and dragon.  Imaginative, waldorf gifts are our wheelhouse!

These classic wooden wind-up treasure boxes each include a twinkling melody, storage space, and a dancing figurine. Instead of dancing ballerinas and fairies, our children's treasure boxes include Dragons, Unicorns, and the iconic Pegasus figurines.  You literally cannot find items like this anywhere else!

The “Mythical” Collection of Musical Treasure Boxes Features:

Our Best Selling Dragon Music Box

Dragon Music Box For Sale by Enchantmints

What could be more mythical than our Dragon Music Box? Step into a world of dragons and sorcerers with the Dragon’s World Musical Treasure Box. The art work outside the box depicts a young wizard flying high on his friendly dragon. 

Dragon’s World Music Box

We love the magical feel of this musical jewelry box. If you’re looking for a great gift for a beloved dragon and/or wizard lover, this is it. They’ll love the mythical theme, especially after seeing the dancing dragon inside. Just open the lid and you hear “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” melody while the dragon figurine dances to the music.

Collection Includes 2 Different Unicorn Music Boxes for sale

Unicorn Music Box for Sale by Enchanmints

The Unicorn Music Boxes are undoubtedly a fan favorite among our customers. Something about the beautiful music and dancing unicorn figurine makes these stand out as a genuine keepsake. Anyone who wants a “Unicorn Jewelry Box” will love the options below:

Musical Unicorn Jewelry Box for Treasures

With a surplus of storage and secret drawers, we highly recommend this special item to anyone shopping for a Unicorn Jewelry Box

Wind up the crank and sit back and enjoy the melody of “The Unicorn” as the figurine spins and dances to the music. When you close the top of the box you’ll see 

Smaller Gentle Unicorn Music Box

Unicorn Jewelry Box - Gentle Unicorn Musical Treasure Box

This is the smaller, and more budget-friendly, of the two Unicorn Music Boxes. It features one deep interior storage compartment. If you’re looking for a simple unicorn jewelry box for someone special, checkout the Gentle Unicorn Musical Treasure Box for sale.

It features a timeless image of two beautiful Unicorns wandering through a secret forrest. The top featuring a loving images of the Unicorns reuniting after their jaunt through the forest.

Last But Not least: the Pegasus Music Box

Pegasus Musical Jewellery Box made by Enchantmints

Our Pegasus Music Box is for all the fairy tale and horse lovers out there. We love both categories and so it just made sense to feature the most famous mythical horse of all, the Pegasus.

You’ll love the artwork that perfectly captures the Pegasus roaming the fields and spending time with a few fairy friends. See him ready for flight below a big rainbow. This wind up music box plays “Moonlight Sonata” while the little Pegasus spins and twirls

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