Our Story

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Goodness for Children is the USA online store of the company and brand, Enchantmints.  Here is where you can purchase a music box, tiny treasure box, or mini music for that special little one in your life.

Enchantmints products are full of beauty, whimsy, and goodness. You'll find nary a pirate or superhero here.  Each piece begins with all-original watercolor art - often from the wonderful Denise Marshall - specifically created with children's well-being in mind.

When you choose Enchantmints, you know you are bringing all good things into your little one's life.  Our products nurture the imagination, creativity, gentleness, kindness, enthusiasm, and a love of nature.



Our People 


Marke Levene, owner at Enchantmints

Marke Levene

Marke is the owner here at Enchantmints, manages our wholesale business, and is also the head of product development. He directs all pony, ballerina, and magical creature traffic like the boss he is.

Marke has been performing for over 65 years (yep, he was 5 when first in front of a television camera), and has dedicated himself to the arts for decades now.  He's been an entrepreneur and self-starter since waaaaay back in 1968 when he sold furniture in his hometown of Los Angeles, California.

Marke Levene does and loves:

Marke is a eurythmist, actor, and former Waldorf teacher and he tells a mean story.  He loves to grow brightly colored flowers in his Maine garden.  And an ideal day includes time spent on a boat and swimming in warm seas.

Contact Marke at marke@enchantmints.com




Eowyn Levene, marketing and operations director at Enchantmints

Eowyn Levene

Eowyn supports in the background here at Goodness for Children and Enchantmints. 

Eowyn Levene does and loves:

Eowyn gives a mean massage (like, professionally). She loves to rustle up something tasty for dinner when friends come over, preferably involving baked goods. And an ideal day includes hiking in mountains, couch time with her husband and cats, and finally making progress on that never-ending knitting project.





Our Giving

Enchantmints supports the arts, eurythmy performance

Enchantmints was founded on the belief that art is vital for life, and essential for growing children. A meaningful portion of Enchantmints profits are donated towards nurturing the performing arts.  For more information, www.newworldtour.org

Our Process

All Enchantmints products are initially grounded in the fine art of Denise Marshall, with occasional contributions from six other artists, under the guidance of Marke Levene as artistic director.  That artwork is then transformed by Marke and our graphic guru Fudo, and placed onto the forms of the various products loved by countless children and adults around the world.

The products are made in China by a world leader in music box production for the past 40 years.  Marke has a long relationship with the owners and has visited the factory many times over the years.  All people working in the factory are properly compensated and treated with dignity.  The factory and the products adhere strictly to all safety regulations.  They meet and exceed all of the highest standards.

Our History

Enchantmints began on the first of January 2004 as the happy result of Marke's product development collaboration with Rob Flanders, with whom he had been working for the previous 4 years.  Yet for the seed of the whole story we must go back in time.

When Eowyn as 4, Marke started a small woodworking company in England making lyres for children.  He bought the designs of Woodpecker Toys which was in the same village where the Levenes were living.  The company was going to disappear, but luckily Marke rescued it.  He expanded it into an international distribution system of handmade high-quality wooden toys.  The company thrived throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Marke and his wife Barbara moved back to California from England in 1996, the year Eowyn went to college.  Product development was Marke's mainstay and he worked with The Museum of Modern Art in Boston, The Nature Company, The National Cathedral and many more.  Those product development adventures would lead him to meet Rob in Berkeley, California. And that's when Enchantmints was born!

Our Mission

Our mission to support the wholesomeness of childhood is fulfilled by working with original artists and art from which the products are developed.  While we use modern technology to complete the development process, all our products derive from that which is fully human: the work of an artist. 

Our Philosophy

Childhood is a relatively short period in a lifetime.  Adulthood is a long time.  We want to enhance the existence of a world full of imaginative play and curiosity, for this leads to healthy development. Children absorb everything around them as formative forces for the future. Through our gentle products, we strive to enhance this special time of childhood.